Auditor Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Property Taxes Calculated?

Why Am I Getting A Tax Bill On A Car I Just Bought From A Dealer? Were Taxes & Tags Not Included?

I Am A Senior Citizen, Do I Qualify For A Reduction On My Motor Vehcle Taxes?

How Is My Tax Bill Calculated?

What Are The Various Assessment Rates Currently In Use?

What Is "Property Tax Relief" And Who Qualifies For It?

I Received A Tax Bill On A Motor Vehicle I Sold. What Do I Need To Do?

What Property Is Included in The Active Duty Military Exemption & How Do I Apply?

Are There Any Special Exemptions For POW's Or Medal of Honor Recipient?

If I Want To Transfer My License Plate To A Replacement Vehicle, What Do I Do?

What Is A Millage Rate

Why Do I Pay Taxes On My Vehicle When I Turned In The Tags And/Or The Vehicle Has Not Been In Use?

What Is The Homestead Exemption Program?

How Do I Qualify For The Homestead Exemption?

What Documents Do I Need To Apply For Homestead Exemption?

Do I Have To Apply In Person?

I Have Two Houses & I Am Receiving Discounts On One But Not The Other. Can I Receive It On Both?